Seagrass Carpets, Perth

For all your Seagrass rug and matting requirements

Seagrass carpets, rugs and mats are popular flooring alternatives. A stylish, natural fibre, seagrass flooring is made from entirely eco-friendly, natural and sustainable materials. Seagrass looks and feels like coir. Contact us today for assistance.

Sourcing seagrass from the finest suppliers in China and Africa, we have created a range of seagrass matting that is sought after by interior specialists across the city. Our team of designers and craftsmen create and weave a wide range of stylish patterns that feature and complement various décor preferences.

Styles & textures

Grown in saltwater, seagrass is water resistant, and because it’s naturally flexible, it can easily be woven into fine or coarse weaves. Although colours are limited due to its texture, it is possible to weave seagrass and sisal together, adding more colour to the rug.

From traditional and minimalist to contemporary and modern, the natural golden hue of sisal shines through the pale brown and light green of the seagrass. This provides a unique touch to your home and office. The two natural colours of seagrass do work well with contemporary natural interior styles; the flexibility of this material also makes it easy to install.


If you’re looking for wall-to-wall carpeting, our team will visit your home for measurements and provide you with an obligation-free quotation. All installations are done with minimal inconvenience to you and your family.

Before installing your seagrass flooring you must be certain it meets your needs. They are unsuitable for wet areas so avoid seagrass carpets, mats or rugs in the bathroom or kitchen.


Seagrass grows in Chinese paddy fields and along coastal waters around the world. It is not exactly grass, but the leaves are long, flat and blade-like, and grow underwater, so the name stuck. The leaves are then dried and skilfully woven into a yarn, which we then use to create stylish seagrass mats, rugs and flooring.


Our seagrass carpet are usually backed with latex making them non-slip and offering a degree of softness. For those suffering with allergies, seagrass flooring makes it perfect for homes where families want to lower the potentially harmful elements from artificial materials.

To view our range of wall-to-wall, mats and round seagrass rugs & carpets, email us or visit our showroom at 420 Hay Street, Subiaco.