Cleaning & Maintenance

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Maintaining natural flooring is imperative to ensure its longevity. Keeping your new floors in tip-top shape does not take much, but when you are met with the challenge of dirt and spills, here are several important tips:

All Floors Natural products are latex backed preventing sand, crumbs and other annoying leftovers from penetrating the fibres. Once over with a high-powered vacuum cleaner is all that is required to keep your sisal clean.


All our flooring is treated but in the case of spills it is important to remember that you must not rub the spillage off the carpet. Soak up all excess liquids immediately using white paper towels or tissues, however a sponge or blotting paper may also be used as an alternative.

Soak up as much free liquid as possible then discard the paper towel or tissue between applications or if using a sponge, rinse it regularly in clean water between applications.

Scrubbing the fabric damages the fibres and will not improve the cleaning process. It is advised to leave some paper towels over the spill area with moderate weight, such as books, on top to assist in soaking up liquid that has settled into the lower areas of the fabrics.

Once you have removed all excess liquid, any remaining moisture can be left to dry out. If the spill contains materials that may leave colour marks, such as tea, coffee, or cordial, add small amounts of clean warm water to the spill area and repeat the cleaning procedure. A small amount of household detergent mixed with the warm water may also assist with removing the marks. Use minimal amounts of water and or detergent only.

Floors Natural stock and sell Envirodri Dry Carpet Cleaner in 1kg resealable bags, which can be used on all our products.

Specialist Cleaning

Sisal cannot be steam cleaned. If your sisal requires more extensive cleaning, please contact Floors Natural who will be able to advise you and can provide contact details for a specialist cleaner.